“It’s Ours”

15 06 2017

South County

MCWM claims they have the deed.

You’d think Lyda would be thrilled.  After all, she wants it gone, someone else is claiming ownership, and they’re raising money to move it their way.  Even if they’re technically not telling the truth about ownership, you’d think Lyda would concede the point even if it isn’t legally true, just to close the book on the politics of this matter.

And that’s precisely why she’s going to fight the MCWM tooth and nail.

Remember, Occam’s Razor, Blogmeister Edition:  Among competing hypotheses, the one with the most cynicism should be selected.

She doesn’t want this issue ended so quickly.  Sure, she wants the UDC monument gone, and she’ll be happy when the MCWM moves it to JB.  But, by the same token, she wants the politics dragged out as long as possible, because she wants the issue on the table and in public consciousness.  Because it’s just about the only issue that has close to universal support among all relevant stakeholders and players in the city.  Once this is gone, then the neoliberals and the true believertards, the white liberals and the blacks, are back to cutting each others’ throats.




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