Wait What? I Thought He Dindu Nuffins.

15 06 2017


Negotiating a plea deal?

Remember, he’s innocent.

If he’s innocent such that he shouldn’t get the chair, then why is he guilty enough for a life sentence?  Funny how that works.

Though I have to say that, absent details, which aren’t provided here, we don’t know the parameters of the deal.  There’s a chance that the deal could be something of the order of he pleads guilty to various less-than-murder offenses relating to their deaths, but doesn’t actually admit to first or second degree murder.




One response

18 06 2017

I remember this case because of his co-defendant Antonio Richardson. He was 16 at the time of the crime, had an IQ of 70 or so, and was sentenced to death by a judge after the jury could not unanimously reach agreement in the penalty phase of the trial.

The third one got him life, but nowadays all three would make him ineligible for death.

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