The Whirlwind’s Dividends

17 06 2017


Oh, you leftists are so not going to like the new rules.

If one of ours, or ours-ish, does this at a performance of Hamilton, that’ll really get the other side uncomfortable.




4 responses

17 06 2017
17 06 2017
Dr Duke

If extremism experts were smart they would have never stopped worrying about the left. Days of rage, Lee Harvey Oswald, SLA and PR independence terrorist all come to mind.

17 06 2017

Extremism expert (((Levin))). Translation: as a Jew who is a professional white-hating racist I’m worried that the extremist genocidal racism that the left is openly displaying toward whites will cause a reaction among the victims that might ultimately cause me to lose the host that I feed on as a parasite. Thus my worry about the extreme racist left is really just an extension of my full time job: maintaining our white slaves. Condemning my fellow slave owners for particularly brutal action with the whip in order to keep the institution of slavery going. We intend to work our slave literally to death, no point in giving the game away before we’ve gotten full value.

18 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar

I’m sure the whole Lincoln Log Cabin will appeal for calm. We must remain dignified they will say, while kneeling and being spat upon. Why does anyone listen to these inane cowards?

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