Father’s Day Wrap-Up

18 06 2017


* The first half of the imperative, while unlikely to happen, is doable.  The problem is the second half, because of that old axiom that Father’s Day is the most confusing day of the year in East St. Louis.

* Play the video, it’s short, and it’s really good at the end.  So, he lives close to the corner of Arsenal and Texas, and while he sits on his back porch, he can hear gunshots constantly ring out.  Which is why sometimes I have to take official crime statistics with a grain of salt.

* If it’s too good to be true…

* You may not have heard, because the matter was shoved down a rabbit hole, and it was shoved down a rabbit hole because of who the suspect is.

* And we know what kind of people we’re dealing with, because they willingly use the word “felony” in the name of their gang.

* Don’t try to figure anything that the ten or fifty cities have in common, in case you don’t like being politically incorrect.

As you know, that’s one of the motivations behind the Steve and Lyda Show.

* That’s the Bell Curve tolling and not for us.

* Jason Kander is a hot national Democrat commodity?  Seriously?

* Harrisburg’s Bell Curve City has come to represent.  I never knew Harrisburg had any dindus, and I lived in that area for a year.


* Bring your own laugh tracks:

Scores of dairy farm workers and activists marched Saturday on a Ben & Jerry’s factory to push for better pay and living conditions on farms that provide milk for the ice cream maker that takes pride in its social activism.

Protesters said Ben & Jerry’s agreed two years ago to participate in the so-called Milk with Dignity program, but the company and worker representatives have yet to reach an agreement.

“We can’t wait any more. We are going to pressure them and see what happens,” said Victor Diaz, a Mexican immigrant now working on a farm in Vergennes.

As for me, I’m so old that I remember when milked was panned as a white supremacist dog whistle.


* Proving that there’s nothing more permanent than a temporary government program, even if the program was set up to address something that has already happened and can’t possibly happen again.  Though, there is a Year 2038 bug for some 32-bit *nix systems, a bug that has already had tangible effects.  Anyway, back to the usual Y2K, when we actually did hit The Great Midnight, there weren’t that many Y2K problems.  But, foreshadowing something that would happen years later, do you know which sector had the most serious Y2K problems?  Japanese nuclear power plants.

* President who once hosted a show called “The Apprentice” advocates for apprenticeship programs.  Shocker.

But I definitely approve, for quite a few reasons.


* “Intersectional AF.”

Or, as I like to say:  Progressivetard stack fall down go boom.

* Yeah, well, isn’t that how most of them will turn out?  Most of them will wind up going right back in, but the person of Baraq Obama gets “credit” for “compassion.”  Also, “Florida man” makes an appearance.

* Gadzooks, we get a mashup of Florida Man and Based Stick Man.

* Unlike Joel Kotkin, I don’t think any of what they’re doing is in any way contradictory.

* Was it a rap music video recording?  Or was it a carjacking in progress?

Why couldn’t it have been both?

* Hey wait.  Weren’t we told two years ago that cops cause black crime in Baltimore, because Freddie Gray?

If you get time, and you’ll need close to an hour, here’s a two part (here and here) series about one of those incidents in that time span out of Baltimore.

* Considering who the suspects are, you have to consider the possibility that their motivation was not political, mainly because they may not have been able actually to read the flag.

* Because Amazon is now in an eternal state of warfare against Wal-Mart and Aldi.

* Speaking of Seattle, you do realize that nobody could have predicted this everyone with a brain predicted this.

* Just remember, I’m the one telling you that this is not an accident, but the intent.


* You.  Seriously.  Did.  Not.  Fix.  Your.  Mouth.  To.  Say.  Something.  This.  Fucking.  Ridiculous.

* And she’s a Tory.  And we wonder why the Tories showed a disappointing result last week.

One thing she is right about, in the broken clock is right twice a day sense:  Integration is a farce.  Then again, what she suggests is outright evil.  The other “credible” alternative, multiculturalism, is at best a waystop paradigm.

I pick none of the above, and go with Remove Kebab and nationalism.

* They say Oxford and Cambridge are two rare colleges these days that aren’t overwhelmingly women?

And also, is there a tacit admission here that the HBD speculation of the mechanics of the sex and the normal probability distribution of IQ is true?  That, controlling for race, men and women have the same median, but women have a smaller standard deviation than men?

* Social justice is hard.


* I’d like to think it’s a slightly interesting part of history.  The hidden agenda here is trying to get today’s blacks and Latinos to stop fighting each other so they can unite and stick it to the evil honky-gringo.

* Makes sense.  Ted Williams had 20/15 vision at his peak.

* Deaf and blind?  I’d like to know how the cat was able to eat.

* It’s the same kind of article we’ve been getting here and there, and they all basically run along the lines of 10-20 years away from credible scientific proof of at least primitive life on some exoplanet.  When we got this kind of story two years ago, I had a snarky retort.

* Interestingly, the theoretical physics of string theory (“unified particle theory”) requires there to be eleven dimensions.

* “Jelly Roll,” and he’s not some Fat Albert?




4 responses

18 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Didn’t Ben and Jerry get bought out by an agribusiness awhile back? Dese nuts seem to not know the difference between corporate policy and feel good ads aimed at “consumers”. The bottom line is profit. Fair doesn’t enter into it.

19 06 2017
Paul Rain

I’m sure there are earlier candidates for ‘earliest date overflow’, but this stuff was causing problems as early as 1970 (on the world’s smallest nuclear submarine, no less).. http://www.nr-1-book.com/Chapter3A.html

19 06 2017

Wruble was so deep in his work during one overnight shift that he did not realize until morning that while he was trying to debug the latest problem in the Mark XV, an entire room had been created around him, four walls with no door.

Gotta love our Y chromosome.

19 06 2017

Late entry.


Except, from what I see, Father’s Day isn’t that much less alien here than where they came from.

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