And How Was Your Weekend?

19 06 2017


The weekend’s body count was eight, though one of the victims was in Dellwood, not the city proper.  One of the incidents was a “quintuple shooting,” which resulted in two kills and three others shot.  You know you’re in the f’n hood when you get to hear terms like “quintuple shooting” thrown around.

We’re experiencing Chicago-style weekend body counts in a far smaller city.  It’s said that whatever weekend is closest to the Fourth of July is All-Star Weekend in Chiraq, and this year, the Fourth is on a Tuesday.  This means I think once we hit sunset on Thursday, July 29, on through the break of dawn on July 5, that’s going to be a really treacherous time.  Both here and in Chiraq, and in fact, all the cool kid Dinduistans.




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