Bear Sightings, Imminent

19 06 2017


State Bears to start patrolling the stretches of interstate highway in the city, especially 70 and 55-is-the-new-70.  You don’t often see the Bears in St. Louis City or County, especially since not long ago Troop C moved its HQ from 40 and Mason Road in West St. Louis County to 40 and 94 in Weldon Spring in St. Charles County.

So, why St. Louis City?  Why now?

To free up SLPD resources so it can chase around our Kek-forsaken Dindus.

Though, like I’ve been saying, it won’t really do any good.




3 responses

21 06 2017
Nicholas Stix

It may (also or instead) be a ticket blitz or white drivers. For the past couple of months in NYC, white drivers are being constantly extorted by ticket quotas, on the one hand by de Blah Blah Blah’s uniforms, and on the other by Gov. Corleone’s foot soldiers.

21 06 2017

Yes, it’s a ticket blitz, but all it means is that the agency that does it is MSHP and not SLPD.

21 06 2017
Nicholas Stix

“Or” = on.

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