Ma and Pa Gentle About to Win Ghetto Lottery

19 06 2017


All this is preliminary, so we won’t get any public docs until everything is agreed to, all the ink is dry, and it’s in the can.

What I’m really curious about is what the supposed tort is on the part of Ferguson.

Here’s a hint:

The suit claims that a culture of pervasive hostility toward African-Americans led to the death of the 18-year-old. It said Wilson used excessive and unreasonable force, and Wilson and other officers were poorly trained. The suit sought unspecified damages.

Okay, but that supposed “culture of pervasive hostility” had to do with ordinance violations, speeding tickets and parking tickets.  It was also the DOJ’s official “make good” against Ferguson in lieu of Darren Wilson not actually doing anything wrong, and the DOJ fully participating in the GJ proceedings which showed that.  Let me put it to you this way:  Darren Wilson didn’t shoot and kill GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS because he was behind on speeding tickets.

The reason Ferguson is going to settle is because the expense to the city of fighting this suit is more than the increased insurance premiums it will have to pay its carrier because of this $3 million claim that’s about to be filed.




2 responses

19 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Gee I always thought that pervasive hostility WAS BLACK CULTURE. Apparently, reciprocity is another concept that Stone Age Relics cannot grok.
Its time for Martians to take over the World. This peace is worse than War.

23 06 2017
Every Incentive to Settle | Countenance Blog

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