Function Random()

20 06 2017


Same story, two different versions, P-D and Channel 2.

First off, fancy that this took place along Ferguson Avenue in U-City.  Ferguson is all Ferguson-y even when it’s not in Ferguson.

Second, I’m sitting here amazed at the brain farts of the U-City alderman.  Of course this wasn’t “random.”  None of this shit is random.  That’s because this “random” bullshit is only a canard the media, politicians and quasi-politicians trot out whenever some dindus or other protected minorities of the Democrat-left sphere do something naughty and they don’t want white people to notice patterns.  And for you to say that “somebody knows something” implies that you want someone to snitch.  Remember, no snitching, stop snitching, Carmelo Anthony, if you see da police, WB, Warn-a-Brother.  Remember, the ebil white po-leeeceseseseseses do nothing but brutalize dindu babies’ bodies.




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