Generational Talk

20 06 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

A couple of stored up URLs in my hopper about one of my favorite serial topics in this space.

Z Man, Vox Day, NYP, Bloomberg.

A few reactions:

(1) I’ve been saying for some time that the Boomers aging out of power and influence will change a whole lot, and that it will be the most profound generational handoff in power on either side of 100 years of it happening.

(2)  A short while back, I wrote here that, twenty years ago, when we were roughly the same age range that Millennials are now, I don’t remember the preening panic about us that exists today about Millennials.  Z Man reminds me that, especially the first half of my generation, when they were teenagers, were derided as slackers.  However, even then, I don’t think it’s anywhere near the undeserving flack that Millennials are taking today.

(3)  “Millennials are more like Boomers than we realize.”  Well duh, why wouldn’t they be?  For the most part, Millennials are the children of Boomers.  Before “Millennials” set in for that generation’s socially official title, a working title for them was “Echo Boomers,” for that reason.




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