It Only Took Three

20 06 2017


KCPD:  No body cams.

Officially, blah blah blah video storage costs.

But here’s what I think is really going on:

Three years ago, when SJW/BLM/NAACP started screaming for cop body cams, purportedly to expose to the world how often they brutalize ook babies’ bodies, I wrote at the time that in ten years, they would all suddenly do a 180 and start demanding that cops not have body cams, and the ones that do should get rid of them.  Why?  Because the cams will result in far more WSHH material than civil rights lawsuit material.  IOW, they’ll show way more black crime and dysfunction than law enforcement misbehavior.

I think there’s a chance that this is already starting to happen, and plays into the KCPD’s nah-we’re-good.  I can sense some pressure from the KCMO NAACP and the local BLM loudmouths.




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20 06 2017
Nicholas Stix

“[T]hey’ll show way more black crime and dysfunction and law enforcement misbehavior,” or

[T]hey’ll show way more black crime and dysfunction THAN law enforcement misbehavior?

20 06 2017


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