The Race to the Gold Star Stars…NOW

21 06 2017


Oh yeah, I saw the massive epic irony here.

Did you?

Gold star awaits.




10 responses

21 06 2017

Ohio AG did the same 3 weeks ago. His hat was already in the ring for governor..

21 06 2017
Dr Duke

The pills are safe and effective when taken as prescribed and when the manufacturers warnings are followed. A large portion of the drugs that people are ODing on are from labs in Mexico. It is ironic to step up efforts to go after the manufacturers at the same time that more and more people are considering drug laws racist and declining to prosecute black and brown drug dealers.

By going after the executives they don’t have to worry about “criminalizing black and brown bodies”.

I think I may be close I don’t think I have it.

I don’t think it is that MO does not have a Rx registry yet is going after the manufactures. That is a nothing burger because the Rx registries and the other states have done nothing to keep junkies from abusing junk.

21 06 2017

Wow! Missouri has dumb Republicans too!

21 06 2017
Alex the Goon

No mention of why the girl was even taking opioids. If she had a legit prescription, that should’ve been mentioned somewhere. Otherwise, it sounds like the warning label on the ziploc baggie would have gone unheeded, no matter what it said.
Also, kudos to the obit, for saying she “loved the water” instead of “watersports”.

21 06 2017
Nicholas Stix

It’s another grand shakedown by Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, much more dramatic and ambitious than ticket blitzes, on the model of the billion-dollar shakedowns of big tobacco.

And it makes the problem worse, rather than better. The thousands of whites dying from opioid abuse and suicide, are responding to their economic dispossession and political disenfranchisement under diversity (affirmative action).

Shaking down profitable, private firms for billions will destroy more white lives, because blacks and Hispanics have political job protection, unless their firms go completely under. More whites will have their lives destroyed, and thus more whites will die from opioids.

Besides, what does any of this have to do with pharmaceutical companies? They didn’t deceive anyone. If AG Hawley honestly wanted to help people, he would go after doctors who wrote scrip for people who initially had need for pain-killers after accidents and injuries, but now no longer have any need for them, except as addicts. He doesn’t care about crooked sawboneses, because he wants mucho dinero and mucho publicidad, and is lazy and cowardly.

22 06 2017

Nobody has gotten that close to the gold star yet, though my biggest fan has in sort of a blind squirrel acorn way has gotten the closest.

I think if any one of you is going to capture the gold star, it will be one of the several local lawyers who read this space regularly.

22 06 2017

I should note that Hawley was the only other named political candidate I voted for last year other than Trump. Because in the Republican primaries, I knew first hand what an untrustworthy rat Kurt Schaefer is, and then in November, the fact that Soros whore Kim Gardner was going to become St. Louis City Circuit Attorney forced me into voting Hawley in the general just to have a state AG that would prosecute the garden variety black street crime I fear she won’t.

Still waiting on someone to grab the gold star. Need a hint? Steve and Lyda Show.

23 06 2017

Okay, we’re all asleep, even my lawyer savages.

So I’m going to pay off.

Why is a staunch conservative Republican filing this suit in the 22nd Circuit?

Remember, they’re all supposed to hate the 22nd Circuit. Judicial hellhole, don’t ya know. They’re horrible, until they’re not.

23 06 2017

Also, I don’t like at all the way this issue is being treated officially. It seems like everyone with some sort of official power is going to dwell on meaningless and ineffective crutches like script registries and lawsuits against pharmas. That’s a lot easier politically than having to talk about white working class dispossession.

23 06 2017
Burgeoning Inequality Has Consequences (For Everyone) | Countenance Blog

[…] It is my contention that the current substance abuse epidemic among lower SES whites is mostly a function of the bellcurvization of the socioeconomy.  On a related note, I just paid off the question I asked on Wednesday. […]

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