Burgeoning Inequality Has Consequences (For Everyone)

23 06 2017

Tempe, Arizona

It is my contention that the current substance abuse epidemic among lower SES whites is mostly a function of the bellcurvization of the socioeconomy.  On a related note, I just paid off the question I asked on Wednesday.

Now, reading between the lines, we have evidence that the same bellcurvization is also fueling substance abuse problems among high SES people.

This is why I get paid the big bucks: To fill in the blanks that the oblivious-to-the-obvious official media leave open.

More and more highly ambitious teenagers and tiger kids are competing against each other for a limited and never growing number of slots that are gateways to power and/or prosperity.  For instance, the number of people admitted to a given freshman class at Harvard every year has stayed virtually steady in spite of the massive population growth of the country and world.  And for good reason:  If in one year you’re x compared to a much larger y number, and next year you’re the same x compared to an even larger y number, by definition and in percentage terms, you’re more elite.  This is why Harvard preaches growth-uber-alles for everyone but Harvard.  Remember, if you’re an elite, elitist hypocrisy is a feature, not a bug.

What it means is that as time goes on, the competition among ambitious tiger teens to get into elite institutions gets even more fierce.  Which means the pressure to get high on amphetamines to out-study and out-hustle your classmates who are high on amphetamines is getting greater.  Not helping matters is that the ADD/ADHD overdiagnosis mania has pushed a lot of legal and quasi-legal Adderall and Ritalin into circulation.   Just as prescription opiates to treat pain were and are (or said to be) the legal prescription gateway to illicit heroin on the low SES end, script phents to treat the illness of boyhood seems to have fueled the illicit abuse of them and also seems to have been a gateway to illicit amphetamines on the high SES end.

Failing that, if the tiger pressure finally gets to you and your last nerve, you hit the sauce.  Hence the alcoholism.

However, just like on the low SES end of this issue, I predict that Official Amurrika will find it easier on the high SES end to muck around with ineffective irrelevant solutions rather than do the hard taboo thing and confront burgeoning and ossifying socioeconomic inequality, i.e. bellcurvization.  After all, these are the supposed beneficiaries of bellcurvization, and if a few of them are konkered out on phents or booze, then that’s just collateral damage.  Can’t spend too much time crying over them; these people have a world to rule and fortunes to accumulate.



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