Every Incentive to Settle

23 06 2017


Me, four days ago:

The reason Ferguson is going to settle is because the expense to the city of fighting this suit is more than the increased insurance premiums it will have to pay its carrier because of this $3 million claim that’s about to be filed.

Half that, as it turns out.

Which only further validates my contention that Ferguson settled rather than fight because the cost of fighting was more than the cost of settling.  A $1.5m claim against its insurance policy, and this does state that Ferguson’s insurance carrier will pay out, won’t result in a premium increase to the city that a $3 million claim would have.  Such as it is, Ferguson’s insurance carrier had a policy maximum of $3 million per individual claim in such matters.  Which is where the $3 million credible speculation came from to begin with.





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23 06 2017
Alright Dan

Which means a half million for ma, a half million for pa, and a half million for lawyer. Ma and Pa will waste through their slices in a year.

23 06 2017

Can you imagine jury selection in that case in this town if it went to trial? Yowza.

25 06 2017

A state trial would be in Clayton and involve jurors from anywhere in St. Louis County, a Federal trial would be Downtown and involve jurors from anywhere in the Federal eastern MO trial circuit territory. Which is one reason why the city would have won in court.

25 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

Paying off blacks doesn’t settle anything. Its an open invitation for more looting. These welfare queens usually treat their sprogs with less care than White people do for unwanted pests in their home. Ever see a Hippopotamus from the hood slapping her brood and whipping them like a gubmint mule? But send those worthless mouths into police zones and watch the money flow into the queen’s fat butt. Orphan Brown made good. He was worth more dead than alive. There’s a lesson there you know.

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