It Takes a Worried Man, to Sing a Worried Song

23 06 2017

Columbus, Ohio

What this was all about.

It really was courageous of him, because, as we know, the Ohio State University football program is known far and wide for its antipathy toward black people.  Likewise, it takes a steel sack of balls to burn a Nazi flag inside of a synagogue.

Really, though, Sambo.  You probably won’t get killed just for being black, not today, and probably not any day.  If homicidal foul play gets you, it’ll be because some other dindu fancies your shoes.




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23 06 2017

After the Laquan McDonald video was released, there was a young man in Chicago who made a reputation for himself by going around and engaging in stare-offs against cops. While I think he was showboating for publicity, and while I think that he wouldn’t be doing that if the cops were truly as evil as were the political implications of his actions, compared to this football schlub, I’ll give this what’s-his-face in Chicago credit for courage eight days out of seven every week. Because at least, during the stare downs, he was (presumably) unarmed staring down armed cops.

23 06 2017
Alright Dan

Look at you, with the Woody Guthrie allusion.

24 06 2017

Tyreke Smith is 6’3″ and 260 lbs., he could easily physically overpower over 90% of police officers. Since he is only 17 years old, if he was involved in an altercation with police the headlines would read how the police attacked a black child or teen.

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