Keeping Their Oaths

25 06 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Of course I’m on Vox’s side.  But he’s wrong that the Oathcuckers “have broken their oaths.”

The Oathcuckers swore an oath to libertarian ideology, and they’re damned well abiding by it.

Remember, proposition nation, not blood-and-soil, because Hitler.




4 responses

25 06 2017

Love it when elements of the right come together – an cut each others throats.
Smells live victory – or something overcooked on the grill.

25 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

The oathpeepers are dedicated to the proposition that all them is better than equal. All things considered, they are embracing their murderers and introducing rapists to their wife. There are traitors and there are fools. The difference is whether they are helping you or helping the enemy. We should help these guys out. All the way out. They can keep their oaths better in Syria.

26 06 2017

All these immigrant groups are going to vote for far left candidates who are going to rape the First and Second Amendments to death, and who are virulently anti-white. They’re going to put in leftist activist judges who don’t care about the law or the Constitution. This is the essence of cuck, that they refuse to look at the bigger picture – out of cowardice for those on the bottom and out of crookedness for those at the top. They don’t want to look at what will happen with muh wars and muh flag and muh Constitution when America is a third-world dump. When the dollar from a declining, poorer, politically unstable America is rejected as the world’s reserve currency. They keep it to individualism because it’s safe.

26 06 2017

Oathcuckers: Keep your hands off my guns, but N’DeShitavious can have my daughter, because race is only a skin deep social construct.

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