Really Old Fences to Mend and Really Filthy Closets to Clean

25 06 2017



Businesses participating in ‘Safe Place’ program for LGBTQ community

St. Louis police are working to make the city a “safe place” for those in the LGBTQ community.

Police hope a small, colorful symbol will show our city’s determination to end hate crimes and harassment.

The “Safe Place” program is teaming with businesses and organizations willing to open their doors to the LGBTQ community that may have been a victim of crime or harassment.

“Hate crimes and harassment” against LGBTQ in a city that is, according to probably the most famous LGBTQ publication around, more gay-friendly than San Francisco?

How to reconcile?



Which means that we should interpret “hate crimes and harassment” against LGBTQ as just straight up TNB.  Or, to put it another way, what Dindus are doing to LGBTQ, they’re also doing to non-LGBTQ.

But there’s something else going on here, and here’s where it’s going to get uncomfortable, and it might irk some of you.  I might also be too clever by half with all this.

Even now, in the era when big city police departments are rainbowing out their squad cars, there’s still a lingering propensity among organized, activist middle aged and older gay men LGBTQ activists to look sideways at law enforcement.  For four main reasons:

(1) Drugs.  Gay men tend to do too much dope for their own good, while cops seem to have a thing against it.  Remember, I figured out eleven years ago that dope was the real straw stirring the anarchist/antifa drink, and, coincidentally, or maybe not so, anarchists/antifa and gay men/LGBTQ seem to plant themselves and germinate and hang out in the same neighborhoods in the same cities.  For instance, Tower Grove South is both St. Louis’s original gayborhood, and the home of anti-cop anarchist/antifa haven Mokabe.

(2) Gay male prostitution.  Again, gay men sometimes do it, and cops arrest people (of any orientation) for engaging in it.  Back to TGS, as long ago as when I was born, the SLPD was running sting operations against gay men either “buying” or “selling” in TGS and in Tower Grove Park.

(3)  Male homosexual child sex abuse and grooming.  In November 2014, Missouri voters overwhelmingly passed an amendment to the state constitution which brought Missouri in line with almost every other state, which allows prosecutors to do what they ordinarily are not allowed to do, that is, introduce a defendant’s previous criminal conviction history in the trial phase.  The exception that Amendment 2 punched out was for defendants charged with child sex crimes only, and the only elements of their previous rap sheets that could be introduced in the trial phase, pending the approval of the presiding judge, is his previous convictions on child sex offenses.  The idea is to spare the child sex victim the trauma of testifying, and to use the defendant’s previous child sex abuse convicitons as affirmative evidence of the extant case against him.  It passed statewide big, with 72%, but its weakest county was the city of St. Louis with only 59%.  I got curious and drilled down by ward, and found that it actually failed in four wards, two in the ghetto, (go figure), one in the almost ghetto, and the other one was…the ward that includes…Tower Grove South.  So, why are LGBTQ voting against more than for a measure to make it easier for prosecutors to win child sex crime convictions if gay men don’t have a thing for trying to do underage boys and young men?  Remember, the first line of enforcement of child sex laws or any laws are the beat cops.  I mentioned a moment ago that one of the four wards it failed in is “almost ghetto.”  It happens to be the one on the other side of Tower Grove Park, and it’s a neighborhood that’s a very uneasy mix of ghetto blacks and LGBTQ gentrifiers.

(4)  Stonewall.  Remember, the modern gay rights movement started in the fallout of the NYPD raid of the Stonewall Inn in 1969.  Though, there’s more to the story.

Still, if you believe the official narrative, the whole gay rights movement was a direct consequence of cops not liking homosexuals.

There are probably other examples, but these are the four I was able to think off off top.

Mash it all together, and it’s easy to see why, historically, there is an oppositional relationship between organized homosexual interests and law enforcement.

But that’s all gone.  And I think all this jazz about the SLPD wanting businesses to plaster “safe place” rainbow stickers on their storefronts and windows, all while covering up the fact that it’s dindus who dindu nuffins, has more to do with public relations than public safety.




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25 06 2017
25 06 2017

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