Sunday Wrap-Up

25 06 2017


* Which makes me wonder how well or not well things really are on The Loop.  This is almost as much of a deep impact collision as Blueberry Hill closing.

* It’s going to take abating the city sales tax on construction materials in order to build the Bloomin’ Onion.  Except we were told the city needs more sales tax revenue to fund more cops and better paid cops in order to do ook abatement.  Which is it?

* Read the whole thing, and we find that St. Charles County has its own Bonnie and Clyde.

* WRPT.  Had me at “Air Jordans.”

* You know, there were people who, not so long ago, seriously wanted that, at least for southern Illinois.  And I bought a 51-star American flag from them when I lived in Carbondale.

* If they’re getting these results in a state relatively unimpacted by legal and illegal immigration, then imagine what it’s like in states that are.

* Mizzou will be renting out empty unused dorm rooms for football game weekends.  And the school itself will be turning to open source learning material to drive down the cost of textbooks to students.  Which means the enrollment crunch is really getting that bad, so bad that not even Andy Blunt and his stable of horses can do anything about it.

* News from the Triparte Retail Economy.  You know it has something to do with Aldi’s rivalry with Wal-Mart and Amazon.  That said, if they can leverage $1.6 billion to remodel all of its relatively older locations, then there must be some good margins to be had in inferior good foodstuffs.  Either that, or the carts are eating up a lot of quarters.

* That one on the right, though.  If he gets any more tats, the next cop that busts him will list his race as black.

* I love feel good stories.


* This is what happens when the cops lose control of Bell Curve City.  Except this is only a small taste of things to come.  One thing that should jump out at you from reading this is the missive that the reason these mahogany mobs can even assemble in that park is because there’s a tacit gang truce among the big wheel black gangs in the area to keep it a DMZ.  We’re told all the time that we need gang truces to have peace on the streets.  Yet, here’s an example pointing to the futility of that.


* Until we can get an investigation done by people with subpoena power and perjury-prosecution power, we won’t know the exact number for sure.  But I do think it is some substantial number, just as a function of our voter integrity enforcement mechanisms being left deliberately weak for the benefit of half of the one major political party we have.

* They’re trying to pass this off as a ZOMG UNDERSTAFFING UNDERRESOURCED LOL~!!!!!!1 issue.  When we all know that the reason they never cared is that not caring is a backdoor form of immigration amnesty.


* I’ve got good news.

* And bad news.

Though the bad news should not be a surprise to those who have been paying attention for long enough.


* Contra the prosaic incredulity, I remind them all that these “kids” weren’t arrested for stealing candy bars.

Before I let this go, the video started with a snippet about plans to close Rikers Island.  That won’t be a sensible idea until the next Democrat or establishment Republican is in the White House, at which time AFFH, or whatever new acronym they’ll cook up for the rose-by-any-other-name, will start up again.  That way, the ooks will all be shoveled out of New York, and there won’t be a need for Rikers Island.

* It says that she was given a second chance, but, even before she got the bit that Obama commuted, she already had an extensive criminal record.  Which means she got a second hundreth chance.

* Eric Schneiderman versus the cable lobby.  Too bad there’s not a way for them both to lose.

* And I flew out of that airport in January.  EWR looks crummy, the surrounding areas look crummy.  But, I consider myself lucky getting out of there without anyone hoisting my luggage.  And, I actually did get out of there in the Nick Stix of time, because not long after takeoff, this happened.

* It just so happens that Reno is the first major human settlement along I-80 once you leave California.  Not a coincidence, IMHO.  Reno is in a way like that fireworks stand that operates just over the county line from a county that prohibits fireworks sales, drawing the segue to the time of the year that is just about upon us.

* Not a bad reading list, and it seems like whoever curated it loves him some Michael Savage.  If it were me, I’d take out a few items and insert some Lothrop Stoddard and Madison Grant.

And maybe one from a certain German.

* As I read this and this, I couldn’t help but think of the word “Bundy,” for some reason, and then, from there, note the strange inconsistency of it all.

* News from the Obsolete:  Just as our OCGE cut off Federal funding and research into Y2K problems, some 17 years after the fact, the FCC now no longer feels the need to regulate pay phones.  Or, to put it another way, it no longer feels the need to regulate the pay phone.

BTTF2 depicted October 2015 as having pay phones, albeit pay video phones.

* I’ll make this one simple:  Mahogany Mob.

* The interesting paragraph:

The University of Cincinnati fired Tensing last year after his indictment. It restructured its public safety department and made other policing reforms. The university reached a $5.3 million settlement with DuBose’s family, including free undergraduate tuition for DuBose’s 13 children.

I’m guessing those 13 children are by something like 11 women.

Note this second mistrial in this matter happened within a small handful of days of the acquittals in Minneapolis (Philando Castile case) and Milwaukee (Sylville Smith case).

* When I read the title, I figured the insurance industry is behind it.  Amazingly, they’re involved in the story, but they’re opposed to the proposal.  Mainly because they would be required to set up a lot of infrastructure that interfaces with this system.  I think they could easily flip and support this, if they can be convinced that it’ll result in a lot more people buying insurance.

* Any half decent prepper can attest:  What winds up getting you is nothing close to what you spend a lot of time and money prepping for.


* Who says Canadians can’t shoot?

* Canadian progressive journalist discovers the Volunteer Auxiliary Thought Police.

* Some really good news for the FN and MLP.

* Stockholm Syndrome, quite literally.

* Shocking, huh?  Except, well, except, physicians treat people at sometimes a very private and intimate level.


* And also, frog plagues?  The frog plague is one that needs to be seen, but should be welcomed instead of stopped.

* If this is true at all, then the official announcement will only come as soon as the deep state power players of the world think we’re ready and we can handle it.  If they don’t think we are, they’ll hold it back.  I do think, seeing subtle signs and reading and hearing slick and on-the-low things being said, that we’re being prepared for the official confirmation within no more than twenty years.





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