May Not Work As Planned

26 06 2017

New Orleans

Me, earlier today:

Then again, it might work out that getting the UDC monument out of Forest Park will solve all the city’s problems. Friday just might be the final day of violent crime in the city. If any happen after then, incredulity will set in.

Out of New Orleans, H/T Hunter Wallace:

How could this happen?  Bitch Landrieu already removed all the Confederate statues and memorials out of NOLA.

Also, from the UKDM, we find out that the vics were in town for:

Curran and Byrne were visiting New Orleans to attend the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association and are information technology staff members for the association.





6 responses

26 06 2017

Blacks committing crime? I’m shocked!
Race In America: Black and White 2/10

26 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

You should expect more of this. These dumb pavements apes are PISSED that darkie larkie Akhneaten II was replaced by Trump. Wasn’;t supposed to be that way, man. Dese nutz thought they wuz in charge when the magical mocha cappuccino mulatto got in The Whites’ House. Now the nig nog tribe is bangin war drum to take back the EBT machine. Mo money for dumb stonies.
I think TPTB want this to happen., These damn dirty apes don’t work and have no respect, so they have better slaves coming in the immigration bill to come. Dese Nuts can crack and die, cause they really are outdated farm equipment at this point. It looks like they are still shopping for a War. Their NSA buggers must be hearing Civil War II at your house.

26 06 2017

LOL! Love ya man! You pick up easily on the irony of “Unitarian Universalist Association”

27 06 2017

just mo’dumbass whites taking their well deserved Democrat party inspired & supported Beatin’… nuttin’ 2 c here… move on… kumbaya ‘n all dat

1 07 2017

One of the suspects had dope on him when he surrendered. Dumbass. Though, considering why he turned himself in, dope is the least of his legal problems right now.

2 07 2017

First video I saw of Ramzpaul made me an instant fan – Reality Mugs a Liberal: About some other dopey liberal who was mugged in New Orleans.

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