Skins Game

26 06 2017


“Inappropriate” because “there are a lot of teenage boys in this complex, and you don’t need to be exciting them.”

Her fiancee reacted ZOMG RAPE CULTURE LOL~!!!!!1:

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with this suit, and she’s not showing too much skin.

The irony of her fiancee kvetching about ZOMG RAPE CULTURE LOL~!!!!!1 is that if she was surrounded by Muslims, then social justice would have required her to cover a lot more skin, otherwise Islamophobia.

I want to back up to this part about “a lot of teenage boys in this (apartment) complex, and you don’t need to be exciting them.”

You know what I’m thinking:  WRPT, AFFH, Section 8, Dindu Nuffins.




5 responses

26 06 2017

This pimp, cuck douchebag will never learn. She needs to get a new boyfriend that has common sense and will protect her before she is gang-raped by Dindus.

26 06 2017

I saw this a few days ago and immediately thought 12 year old dindus were the cause. I wish we had real news services in this country, instead of having to guess the truth of stories.

26 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

Shish kebab complaining. Must tell wimmens to not show too much or MacGyver.

26 06 2017
Alex the Goon

Only problem with that suit is, she’s kinda fat. Even still, she’s orders of magnitude better than the negroid sow I saw today in a beach city with < 1% black population and seven-figure median home prices.

27 06 2017

cum’on the tawdry tattz & massive love handles are an invitation to & a magnet for sub-saharan harrassment. She’s a piece’a white tail flashin’ artistically enhance white flesh for the hoodies, she’s known the score for a long time

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