White Progressives Are the New Race Realists, Part (Insert a Really Large Number Here)

26 06 2017


She deleted her original tweet, but there’s no unringing a bell on Ye Olde Internets.

Give a white urban progressive enough rope and enough time, and they’ll wind up sounding implicitly like your ever-hatin’ blogmeister.




One response

27 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

Man, they don’t believe their own crap. True some coalburners and mudsharks are all about getting along, cause the sex only comes in dark for these low commodity value asses. However, talk really is cheap. They can talk all they want about the poor, but these snooty posers are as snobby as Mayda Munny and Cousin Reggie. They look down on everyone not them. Trump is so declasse they will say, while stupidly believing an iPhone made in a factory in China is a status symbol. The vacuous approaches perfect vacuum in the empty heads of Leftists of The Moon Cult. of Death and Nihilism. All those parties and no one is having fun. They’re drunk not happy. They all live in places like Vermont or Seattle. Those places look like Mayberry except everyone talks and acts like they’re on crack. These idiots need cardboard degrees, cause they look and sound like imbeciles. They will tell you all about how tolerant they are of other people, and then say they f’n HATE conservatives and Christians and Can’t Stand the Sight of Them. Hypocrisy is lost on them. They have no principles. They are sheeple grouping together for pity parties where they drop acid and kiss each other’s butts because when you’re a LOSER and too stupid and lazy to do anything about it, that Pity Party is like a warm fuzzy blanket. Like Linus Van Pelt, they need the warm, fuzzy baby blanket, and the woolly thinking feels good next to their empty stupid heads.

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