Kamala the Magic Negress

28 06 2017

San Francisco

I just thought of a problem for Sen. Kamala Harris and her potential 2020 Presidential campaign.

Remember, in 2007, we heard a lot of “Is Baraq Obama black enough?” or “He’s not a real black,” or “Barack the Magic Negro” hoopla.  That was part and parcel of his identity problems that he had to deal with for most of his life until then.  What saved him in the long run is that, in spite of the fact that neither one of his parents were domestic blacks, he married a domestic black woman, the former Michelle Robinson.  Especially important because, as we all know, middle aged and elderly black women do the lion’s share of voting among blacks.  It’s why Bill DeBlasio was able to turn out black women voters heavily and virtually monolithically for him, because he married a black woman.

Kamala Harris is also like Obama, in that neither one of her parents were/are domestic blacks.  A Jamaican immigrant father, an Indian (dot, not feather) immigrant mother.  She might have been able to earn her black card by marrying a domestic black man; problem is, a domestic black man is not a domestic black women, so that wouldn’t necessarily matter to middle aged and elderly black women voters.  But it’s a moot point anyway, because look at who she married in 2014.




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28 06 2017

married black women are SO RARE that they’ll always trot out to vote for each other. In sub-saharan Africa it takes a village to raise a child because none of the females have a clue as to which of many many many “Uncle Overnite” partners knocked them up. No Daddies just lots & lots of Uncle Overnites, so it takes a village…BTW – what’s the most confusing day of the year in any sub-saharan African community??? duh, FATHER’S DAY

28 06 2017

I’ll say that given the extreme popularity of Scandal this won’t matter as much as you think.

28 06 2017

I thought about that kind of thing a bit after I uploaded this post, and the Scandal watching demo would credit him if he was the one running. But I don’t know if that redounds to the benefit of black/-ish women that swirl.

28 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

Dis fool will have no problems getting blechs to meander to polls, but the rest of the crazy quilt might not play along. The cratering of the D-Party is along the lines of they all hate each other. Now that the freebies are running out, and the debts are piling up, the freeloaders are turning into separate camps that don’t play together anymore. There is only so many wretches you can dump into garbagetown and Mos Eisley before they have enough of each to not want the D-Party label anymore. I suppose the enemy will try to go to a Parliamentary System now. They So Stupid. War is about to go Hot.

28 06 2017
Robert Browning

He is Jewish.

1 07 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

The apes use the one drop rule, Mestizos be like, NO. I suppose Feminists will be all for it. Helped Hillary lose. Nothing like Mystery Meat to confuse an already cynical electorate. She’ll be the flavor of the Month. And then, nothing.

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