Know Nothing Party

28 06 2017

Tower Grove East


Next police chief should know St. Louis history, neighborhoods, racial issues, residents say

The dozens of people who attended a forum Tuesday night offered a roomful of opinions on what St. Louis should focus on in its search for a new police chief.

Among the concerns raised by several in the crowd were that the next leader of the city’s police department understand the racial and economic split in the city and even its geographic barriers, such as the so-called Delmar Divide seen by many as the line that separates St. Louis’ mostly white southern half and mostly black northern half.

Several members of the crowd also expressed concerns that a new chief should know the history of the city and its neighborhoods, be able to foster relationships with diverse communities, and be transparent in his role and communications with the public.

Members of the Citizen Advisory Committee that hosted the forum at the International Institute on Arsenal Street roamed the room after the crowd broke into small groups for discussions.

Members of the Citizen Advisory Committee need to get out more, especially if they’re going to demand that the next SLPD chief “should know the history of the city and its neighborhoods,” when they themselves don’t know it. Delmar isn’t the dividing line that it used to be. While north of Delmar is still almost all black, but depopulating quickly, south of Delmar is nowhere near all white. All they had to do to find that out was walk around the streets and blocks around the International Institute, formerly St. Elizabeth High School. Topping that, city politics aren’t as starkly racially divided as they were in the days when Delmar was the figurative tracks.  The 1993 Mayoral election was almost purely a racial headcount, the 2017 Mayoral election was largely an up-down affair that correlated more loosely to race, and of course, by “election,” I mean the Democrat primary.

I must be the only person around here, as Rush would say, living on the cutting edge of societal evolution. Everyone else is stuck on forty years ago. In spite of the fact that I could now make current year snark against myself.

By and by, bet on the next chief being a black woman.




4 responses

28 06 2017

Sounds like they want a local. Doubt they need to hire a search firm for that.

28 06 2017

That’s another thing. Lyda is squaking “national search,” but at least in my conscious lifetime of being able to pay close enough attention to these things, SLPD has never gone outside for chiefs. Before local control, there was an informal, maybe even formal, rule, that a chief had to be one of the light birds on the department, meaning that when chief came open, the only question is which current light bird would get the job.

28 06 2017

Of course, it will be a black woman. In every TV police drama and Hollywood movie, the police chief, president, police captain, and judge is black.

29 06 2017
Maurice Miner

You are all so full of white privilege – including our host – the next police chief will be a black woman who is a Mohammedan lesbian.

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