Maybe The Most Bellcurviest Story Possible

29 06 2017

Kingsway West

He committed felony burglary to prove to surveillance cameras that he is ignorant of probability and statistics.




4 responses

30 06 2017

Do places where you redeem scratch off tickets scan bar codes to see if was stolen? If yes, than the guy’s a complete nut. If they don’t, then hes got the equivent of demand notes anywhere they sell lottery tickets.

Guy’s almost certainly a gambling addict, the lottery won’t be out much in the long run.

30 06 2017

I hope he went through all that felonious trouble just to find that none of the scratchoffs he stole resulted in any prizes. Stupid ook should have stolen a bag of Doritos — At least he would have gotten tangible enjoyment out of them.

30 06 2017

All lottery tickets are tracked – once reported stolen – they are worthless – as he is (and incredibly stupid)

30 06 2017
Alex the Goon

His only hope would be winning piddly $1 or $5 prizes, which Sanjeep will just pay out of the register instead of doing a full forensic investigation. Or maybe he intends to use them with other groids, for crack and various negroidal sundries.

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