Potemkin Lawsuit

30 06 2017



A group of 10 Republican state attorneys general and one governor are threatening to sue the Trump administration if it does not rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the Obama executive action that granted amnesty to more than one million undocumented immigrants.

“We respectfully request that the Secretary of Homeland Security phase out the DACA program,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wrote in a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday.

Not at face value.

The Democrats and the left have made an art of this Potemkin lawfare.  A Democrat White House will on the sly facilitate a lawsuit against itself on a given matter, begging behind the scenes for various liberal and niche interest groups, NGOs, LDFs and local and state governments to sue them.  Then they’ll shop the thing to a sympathetic liberal-Democrat Federal judge. The Democrat Party’s AG/DOJ/SG will mysteriously “bungle” their case, wink wink.  That way, the policy change that all parties involve really want will happen under the “serious” imprimatur of a court order, rather than the result of the exercise of plenary political power, thereby dampening outrage and opposition.

This is how we ended up with the repudiation of the PACE exam for Federal civil service hiring and replacing it with an affirmative action friendly system.  In its final weeks, before Reagan came in, the Carter Administration pulled this trick.  The Pigford Settlement (the fake black “farmers”) also happened the same way, that started in the Clinton Administration.  The Obama Administration did the same with DOMA.

All that I think is happening here is that Trump and Sessions are taking up the same trick.  I think through back channels, they’re begging people to sue them over DACA, and got ten Republican state AGs and one Republican Governor to sign up. Remember, if this thing makes it to SCOTUS, will be a SCOTUS that now has Neil Gorsuch, and, presumably, by the time it gets it, maybe one or two more Trump appointees.

The difference is that the Democrats and the left, as pioneers of this tactic, will certainly know someone else running it when they see it, and therefore, not restrain their outrage machine.




3 responses

30 06 2017

Terrific insight into how our faux Democracy/faux Republic works in practice… This has always been a “don’t ask, don’t tell” operation by Democrats & of course the mini-me Repukes always played dumb by going along “don’t ask, don’t tell” on the often employed political tactic

1 07 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

I doubt this is policy. More than likely they are baroke. The legacy of baroke a joke folks Akhenaten II. Puerto Rico is bankrupt. Illinois is bankrupt. I hear Caleeforneeya and Connecticut are also heading into bankruptcy court. I expect all the blue states are underwater past their credit line. Half the red states too. That means probably 30-35 states are about to go under. The others are just waiting to see what happens to Illinois. Stupid Dead Fish and Chicongo dragged the whole state into baroke a joke country. This and that welfare roll kickoff in Georgia is what I’ve been saying all along. The End of the Road RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

2 07 2017
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