Lil’ Rock

1 07 2017

Little Rock

Really, this wasn’t hard, was it?

But, just in case it is that hard, here are two extra hints.

What gets my goat is all this rhetorical hoopla and hokum, including the ATF, the Little Rock PD, and Gov. Asa Hutchinson getting involved, as if this is some major league caper that needs the involvement of the Feds and the Governor, when all you need are three simple letters — TNB. That’s the point behind the phrase “oblivious to the obvious,” i.e. what political correctness makes you. The aforementioned high level elected politician and two law enforcement agencies had the easy obvious blinding truth right in front of them all along, but they willingly blinded themselves to it and ran around like decapitated chickens, squakboxing about “terrorism,” “active shooter.” (And that’s not even counting the kook left sector of Twitter screaming about “common sense gun control.”) Meanwhile, all I needed were those three simple letters. My reward for it? I’m some nobody blogger with a modestly trafficked Alt-Right node on the internet and a medium wheel at best in the Alt-Right. Which means I’m not the governor of a state, and I’m not principally involved in a large enough local law enforcement agency or a specialist national law enforcement agency. Political correctness might make you stupid, but it has its rewards.

It says that 25 people were either shot or injured, but none of them killed.  Bad aim, which is yet another WRPT element.  The youngest victim is 16, which makes you wonder why this liquor license club, and I’m guessing it is, allows 16-year olds.  Though it’s not as if they actually check IDs (remember, for black people, photo IDs are like being lynched), and it’s not as if anyone from on high is going to drop the hammer on them for not doing so, because hole-in-the-wall nightclubs seem to be one of the few kinds of businesses that thrive in Bell Curve City.





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1 07 2017
1 07 2017

Most of the injuries will be to the lower extremities – there is a reason for this based on black physiology (the shooters).

1 07 2017

1 07 2017

Of course, now it’s convenient to tell the truth. Should have done that from the jump.

1 07 2017

What is this “aim” thing that you speak of?
They don’t aim. They point in the general direction and pull the trigger as fast as possible until empty. Aim? Don’t make me laugh!

2 07 2017
3 07 2017

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