2 07 2017

Beverly Hills, California


Latinos key to U.S. economic growth…(snip)…

…according to a study released Thursday by the Latino Donors Collaborative…

That was so easy that I was able to get it in before I head off to church this morning.

Latino Donor Collaborative.  Hmmm.  Sounds to me like a PR front for the cheap labor lobby.  Or, if you want to look at it another way, a bunch of white or close-to-white people with Spanish surnames using themselves as propaganda to convince us that it’s okay to open the floodgates and let in every Indio that wants to pour in.  The LDC is based in Beverly Hills, mysteriously, not Boyle Heights, so it’s also tempting to think that certain people think their domestic help is too expensive.




4 responses

2 07 2017

Yes, the jews like cheap domestic help. Too bad that they did not maintain the Gibeonites (see the Bible) as their drawers of water and hewers of wood. Would not need the mestizos for that work.

2 07 2017

Addendum: I clicked on the link. None of the people on that org chart are short, brown, Indio squat-monsters. All of the “Hispanics” profiled are of mostly Castillian Spanish DNA by the looks of them. Can not have any squatty little mostly Indio brown people with vacant eyes (due to low I.Q.) as the representatives in their little slush fund. I see that Henry Cisneros is at the top of the heap. Still has his matinee idol good looks. These permanent elites always seem to land on their feet and stay at the pig-trough one way or the other.

2 07 2017

Additional addendum: Of course Latinos are key to economic growth. Key to the economic growth (wealth) of the elites/(((elites))) who hire them and drive down wages for us evil YT’s. Us evil YT’s (who, unlike the elites, have no armies of accountants/tax lawyers/lobbyists, foundations, and trusts to protect their wealth) get to pay for the La-teen-ohs welfare and crime. Some economic deal.

2 07 2017

Gee willikers how did we even put food on our tables, let alone buy houses & cars & build schools & hospitals before the Mexican Invasion ? Press #1 for Spanish….. press #9 for English :)

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