Hint, Taken

2 07 2017

Washington, D.C.

Oh, really, now?

What can Trump do about it?

Think about my post two days ago.

Goes like this:  Trump should behind the scenes encourage an org like True the Vote to sue the Trump Administration, and shop the suit to a friendly judge, who will rule that, because of whatever Federal object s/he can think of, the recalcitrant states have to open up.  One of the beauties of this Potemkin lawfare tactic is that since the plaintiffs and the defendants are on the same side, there’s no danger of the defendants appealing the judge’s decision when they lose.




One response

2 07 2017

beautiful explanation of Potemkin Lawsuits… the social fascist Democrats have been pulling this tactic off with like 100% success since 1965 although they’ve kept it secret & the Press & the Repukes (for some reason) have all covered this tacit up & hid it from public view. Well, Alinsky works for us now :) and it’s time to turn all of Rules For Radicals against the Democrats, their h8 groups & front groups

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