Independence Weekend Wrap-Up

2 07 2017


* Ferguson is already Ferguson-y enough without having to import more of it from New Orleans.

* Today is the centennial of the more serious and severe of the two East St. Louis white-led race riots in the summer of 1917.

Which leads me to the point I always make about race riots — They are impressions of power, not expressions of hopelessness.  Race riots in the United States involving black people and white people were mostly white-led before 1963 and mostly black-led after 1963.  The main difference is that the white-led riots usually involved white people getting fed up with TNB, as it was in ESL a century ago.  Black-led riots are almost always an outgrowth of a questionable law enforcement action.

* Chetty Chetty Bang Bang did some more analysis of his data trove, and PharmCol gets a top ranking in one regard.

As I said in both that thread and Sailer’s thread advertising that column, the problem with comparing the incomes of the parents of college students and the incomes of college students themselves ten years after graduation is that the parents of college students, as usually fifty-something upper middle aged adults, generally have higher incomes, ceteris paribus, than early thirty-somethings.

Also noteworthy is that, since PharmCol is physically in the same complex as WU Med, a consistently top five med school, it gets some residual fragrance from that, even though the two schools are not formally associated.  People who don’t know better think that PharmCol is part of WU just from the proximity.  Speaking of WU, even as PharmCol was the best “value added” school in the country, WU itself, the undergraduate Hilltop (Danforth) campus, is one of the worst.

* Problacktards claim that there’s a lot more white violent crime than the official stats would suggest.  So why did the County Browns put the gunshot detection system in Castle Point?  Put that mofo on the corner of Baumgartner and Telegraph and show the world all those heretofore unexposed white shootings and white murders.  Likewise, we shouldn’t have the gun buyback programs advertised on only black radio stations — Why not advertise them on country stations?  Though I’d rather be a whore ripping out a big ole fart while sitting in the pews of a church than advertise a gun buyback program on a country music station; it would go over better.

* Schnucks gets mentioned, though it’s probably deep enough in the paragraph count to where you won’t see it if this article is paywalled for you.  And yes, this plays into the triparte retail economy.

* In related news about the triparte retail economy.

* A Maserati?  A bullet hole?  I’d be pissed off, too.

* Okay, but a person’s rap sheet is supposed to follow their legal name change.

* Not much good news out of Illinois state government recently, so you cherish every little bit of good news you can get.

* As if we don’t have enough of our own such that we have to import any from Brooklyn, New York.


* Alright, but need I remind you that the Feds have been doing this for the whole state for the last several years.  To allay state prison overcrowding, the Feds will find whatever pretext they can to bring as much garden variety street crime under Federal jurisdiction and therefore under Federal prosecution and its convicts into Federal prison as they can.


* I’m glad to see that Stephen Miller is still keeping up the good fight.


* Georgia peaches, for sure.

* And also, hung toenails.

Just so you know, this whole bit about sanctuary cities allowing illegal aliens to snitch on bad apples to the cops canard has been refuted.  Also, there’s a special legal immigrant visa for otherwise “undocumented” individuals that do snitch.


* Pray, what was wrong with self-administering the death penalty?

* Now they’re mad.  Wait’ll they find out what he did in that regard while he was actually President.

* This story has been all over our sector, so I’m not unique in covering it, even in this superficial way.  But what I hope the touch that gave them away is that the car dealer got suspicious when a 14-year old dindu came in with $80K in cold hard and laid it all on the table to buy a car and then called the cops on the low.  I certainly hope the anti-profiling mania hasn’t consumed our natural habit of suspicion that much.

* TNB, not WWT, por favor.

* Need I remind you that there are quite a few people who read this and think “feature not bug?”

* It’s amazing there was any kind of charge here, because getting the U.S. Attorneys to charge Federal law enforcement agents with anything is like asking them to pull their own teeth without Novocaine.  However, considering that the charge is piddly, I think they’re trying to sweep it under the rug.

* A little bit of reason on the opioid-heroin issue.  If scripts are a gateway to illicit, it’s only because the DEA is now pressuring doctors to be more stingy with scripts.

* Even though that document has really been no impediment to them, and as some neoreactionaries may argue, actually helps their cause a bit, I’m sure they and some of their readers will be shocked to find what is and isn’t in it.  They’ll find free speech and gun rights in it, but won’t find church-state separation or abortion.

* Generationally retarded.  “Born in the 2000s” are the generation after Millennials, not Millennials themselves.  Generation Z or Homelanders.


* Thereby proving that there is affirmative action on behalf of women.


* Imagine how much more she could have gotten if she had more diversity Pokemon points, i.e. transgendered, or disabled.

* If Faceberg is church, then the obvious implication is that Mark Zuckerberg is God.

* Mother nature is a stole cold beyotch.  Our problem closer to home is sharks, so maybe some whales should scoot on by for a meal.

* This may or may not be relevant to the academic hoax at hand, but the original Hobbesian concept of Leviathan was not an “all-powerful” central state.  The original essence of Leviathan was a central state that functioned because of the will of the people, with intermediaries between people and the central state neutralized.  It’s just that it wound up working out that way in the end, which is why “Leviathan” later earned the connotation of oppressive despotism.

* Which means I better be careful, because, as we can see, a golf ball on a fast enough trajectory that hits someone in just the right spot can be near-fatal.

* If this hovel is still in San Francisco as-is, it would rent for $50,000 a month.

* Just don’t have a cigarette afterward.




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2 07 2017

Cynics could say the difference is that the Federal District Courts will impose sanctions, judgements, and consent decrees on State Correctional systems, and some county systems. They are extremely unwilling to do so with BOP.

3 07 2017

If Facebook is church the next stop is applying for tax exemptions.

3 07 2017
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