Look Squirrel

2 07 2017

Washington, D.C.

And while they’re outraged over this, they won’t have time to be outraged over whatever good things for us he can get done in the meantime.




3 responses

2 07 2017

DJT fights the good fight for us as the People’s Tribune…We should all harass the “alleged Press” as much as possible. Harass them in person, harass them on the phone. Harass them on the Web. Harass their employers. Harass their families (yes, their kids too) & their Friends. If you’re real old * you can’t “body slam” them you can always give them & their equipment a little nudge or kiss with your automobile (oh my, accidents do happen)…. They need to be body slammed constantly. They have encouraged violence against us for well over 50 years & now it’s payback time…The only good Fake News Journalist is a D**d Fake News Journalist. Down with Democrats ! Down with Alinskyites ! down with Social Fascists !

2 07 2017

wow, evidently our fighting Tribune of the People, has with this “Twitter Burst”, torn a hole in the Space-Time Continuum… That’s some Twitter Burst…Thank You Sir for taking on & body slamming the most dangerous domestic enemy that we the people face: the Social Fascist Propaganda Corp,,, may they all be run over by Cars, oops, my bad, accidents do happen

2 07 2017

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