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2 07 2017


Two of my prophecies about Illinois have already come true, one did some time ago, and the other just did:

(1) Dawn Clark Netsch was the most influential politician in the modern history of Illinois state politics, in spite of the fact that she lost the 1994 race for Governor.

(2) The state would quit making lottery jackpot payouts.

I’ve been following (2) for awhile recently, so I’ll put it aside.

In 1994, Netsch was the Democrat nominee for Governor running against Jim Edgar, who was seeking his second term.  Netsch called for increasing the single flat rate state income tax rate and then giving rebates to lower income people within the paying range.  Edgar of course dumped all over the idea.  He won.  And, late in his second term as Governor, he proposed Netsch’s idea almost down to the letter.  It would actually be enacted under the next Governor, another Republican, George Ryan.  When that happened, it was said to be temporary, and that, at some point in the future, the rate would revert.

Not only has it not reverted, and any dummy could have predicted that, it’s about to go in the other direction, again.




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2 07 2017
Avenge Harambe

I’ve said for years that Edgar is just as culpable as Madigan for the fiscal disaster that the state of IL is in. He’s one of those annoying soft-spoken, fake nice guy cucks. It’s no surprise that the Dems are currently running ads with Edgar blaming Rauner for the budget standoff. (Rauner is a weak cuck as well) Edgar was Madigan’s bitch while he was governor.

2 07 2017

I foresee a flood of economic refugees (evil YT working refugees) from Illinois to neighboring states.

2 07 2017

Illinois is already the state with the largest net numeric population loss by number.

4 07 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

The ILLINOIS Lottery. You can’t win, even if you play and get all the numbers.

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