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4 07 2017

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Travis Hale:

The Spencerian Gambit & Southern Slavery

In recent speeches, Richard Spencer has advanced a powerful gambit that the Alt Right, including southern Christians, should consider. He admits that our people have “sinned” against other races, and that he “owns” that. Of course, Spencer doesn’t really believe in a concept of sin, in the sense of a cosmic infraction against an Almighty God, but it’s an interesting and useful tactic nevertheless. By embracing the central charge of the multiculturalists, that whites in the past have abused their power, he disarms the thrust of their main argument. Instead of taking the bait, cuckservative-style, of defending America and the West as the vehicle for the Whig version of history, he forces the Left to make their next point. The next part of their argument is the one they dare not make – because white people in the past have done bad things, therefore whites today must suffer and die out as a people. The Left knows this is a losing argument with most whites, and so by choosing to not defend their attacks on historical whites as a group, Spencer exposes the ugliness of their contemporary anti-white stance. By saying essentially, “yes, our people have sinned, we own it, now what?” he forces the Left to answer the question in a way that will be detrimental to their propaganda. Spencer then turns on their timidity, for the smart Leftists do not want to be seen as anti-white, and demands the same rights for whites that are claimed for all other people groups.

I commented there:

Spencer’s instincts might be right on, or they might be way off base.

Here’s the potential problem with his gambit.

He’s making two presumptions:

(1) The egalitarian left even has a genocidal “next point.”


(2) If it did, that they’d be dumb enough to reveal it after our bait-and-switch confession.

I think the main problem with The Gambit is that I think that all this talk about “white people are evil muh slabry lol” has nothing to do with anti-white genocide, and everything to do with manipulating white guilt and white pathological altruism to widen the gibs and goodies spigot. So, it may be the case that if we “confess” our “sins,” the left will respond not with an in turn confession, but an invoice with an account payable.




8 responses

4 07 2017

my Welsh ancestor’s spended like 400 years as slaves of da’Romanz. Most all the women folk in my famblee was sex pleasure slaves & while never too old to give a Roman a danged good BJ when theyz juiciness started drying up & pruning out they was kicked out of da’Roman bedroom & into da’Roman kitchen to peel ‘taterz & hand make pasta,guess thatz how we come to love eating s’getti so good…Kinda went from slut work to scut work, jez like sub-saharan African womenz femalez. ‘cept of course my slut slave ancestor galz was wayz bettur lookin’ than any sub-saharan sex sows in old time ‘Murca. Altho gotta plead guilty to not believing hardly any sub-saharan sows was used for pleasure since they so uglee & they don’t got human hair on dey headz. But…My big question is where do I apply for Reparations from them gol’danged Roman bassers? I wan’my Gibs. After 400 huner years of slabury I & myz kids deserve sumtin’. I has learned reel gud from my sub-saharan Betters fo’shore & I’s wants wattz I’s deservez…If your Famblee was slabez of da’Romanz u deservz a l’il sumtin’ too :)

4 07 2017

Judean People’s Front and modem lights, to wit:

5 07 2017
Stan d Mute

Thank you! The montage of 570 whites, including many women, children, and elderly, along with the 570 ooks who tortured and murdered them, is EXACTLY what WE need much much much more of. Idiots do not read, but they watch videos. This is the type of propaganda tool needed to awaken sleeping idiot whites who can’t figure this out on their own.

4 07 2017
Nicholas Stix

Richard is just too clever for me. He thinks that the Left has moral and intellectual scruples that he can somehow tap into.

Giving an inch is not going to help whites. Who are these Leftists who don’t want to be seen as anti-white? I don’t know ‘em. The ones I know want genocide all the way. (I know some old-fashioned socialists, but the racist Left just steamrolls them without any resistance.) Heck, I have Jewish relatives who are themselves genocidal anti-Semites.

Why not just keep it simple, stupid, with truth and justice, and skip the too-clever-by-half rhetorical gambits?

I thought it was my tribe that’s supposed to be guilty of shallow cleverness.

5 07 2017
Stan d Mute

Agreed. Spencer is pathetic and sounds (plus looks) too effeminate by half. Check out the video above. It could have more impact than 10,000 limp wrists like Spencer ever could..

4 07 2017
John Vawter

the left will respond not with an in turn confession, but an invoice with an account payable

Which is precisely what the last 60 years have been about.

4 07 2017
Alex the Goon

Entering a “guilty” plea — after already being convicted in a culturracial show trial — is supposed to knock the prosecutors off balance? Color me skeptical.

8 07 2017

this buys into the frame that whites are uniquely evil in history, which is risible, and that danegeld is a sensible investment(its not).

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