Old Light Through Old Windows

4 07 2017


When I read the headline, I knew it was window dressing, for one major reason:

CPS is a district that constantly struggles with high school graduation rates, trying to make them increase and keep them high.  Therefore, how would any measure that, if taken literally and enforced militantly, only serves to decrease graduation rates, be anything more than window dressing?

Then they gave it away at about the end in the obvious sense.  They also gave the game away in about the middle in a more subtle sense, when they note that the junior colleges in Chicago automatically accept any CPD graduate.  Which means, even if the school’s admins press the issue, which we know they won’t, they can show their junior college admission letter.

PR hail mary heave to the end zone for Rahm on education, that’s all this is.


And also, if you get the sneaking feeling there’s a song reference somewhere in this post…Hell, it’s me…You know that’s the kind of thing I do.




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