That Vashon Verve, Again

5 07 2017

New Orleans

East St. Louis native Maxine Waters once bragged on the House floor of her “Vashon verve.”  You’d have to be a St. Louisan both to grok and to agree that she’s not lying.

She put her Vashon verve on full display over the weekend:

“[If he] thinks that I am going to give him a pass, I am going to take his ass apart,” Waters said.

Really smart, threatening to take the ass apart of someone who is expert with precision incision instruments.

“Doesn’t care about people in public housing?”  Does she pay attention to what’s going on in her own political party?  They, in concert with the domestic policy deep state, mentally checked out of the concept of public housing in the 1980s, and then turned it into policy in the Clinton Administration with HOPE VI, which I’m sure Maxine Waters voted for.




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