Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

5 07 2017

Muskegon, Michigan

Boy shot 3 times while playing tag with friends

That’s all I needed, even though it has his name and a pic.

In the follow-up link within the article to the article about it from the local eyeball news source where this actually happened, the victim blames himself for going outside and playing tag. I guess they get started on thug excuseology really early in Bell Curve City, such that seven-year olds blame themselves for doing what seven-year olds are supposed to do, instead of blaming grown men or nearly grown men for doing what they’re not supposed to do.




2 responses

5 07 2017
Stan d Mute

What’s scary about chocolate city Muskegon is that it’s in otherwise lily White northern Michigan and close to city of Fremont. Meaning everyone’s favorite baby feed, Gerber, is staffed by a lot of ooks. Yep. Think on that next time you’re spooning mush into little junior’s mouth..

Muskegon is simply the Benton Harbor of the north and only Lake Michigan coastal city north of Benton Harbor with ook majority.

5 07 2017

And I happened to be in Benton Harbor back in January for a spy mission. Which means I know first hand why it’s a really bad thing to be the “Benton Harbor” of anything. Also it explains why a certain well known appliance manufacturer’s products have suffered quality issues lately, though Whirlpool does most of its manufacturing elsewhere.

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