Wicked AFFH Profiling Trick

6 07 2017



O’Fallon, Mo. man accused of sexual assault against two young girls

A man accused of sexually assaulting two minor girls in O’Fallon, Mo. was taken into police custody on Thursday.

Rayshawn Antoine, 20, is facing two separate sexual assault charges against a person less than 14 and a person less than 12.

O’Fallon Police received a report of a sexual assault on a 12-year-old girl in the O’Fallon Lakes Apartment Complex on June 28.

What interests me here?  It’s not “Rayshawn,” as such, it’s “Apartment Complex.”  That particular one is along 70’s south outer road between Bryan and LSL.  I look up, and the south outer road through O’Fallon, is full of apartment complexes, and just in the short time that AFFH was extant, I’m sure they’re now full of girl-fucking ghetto Rayshawns.  An ironic sidenote is that Roy Joachimstaller, formerly a SLPD Lieutenant Colonel who was up for Chief at the cycle when Dan Isom got the job, is now the chief in O’Fallon, so it seems like both St. Louis’s cops and robbers are following each other to O’Fallon.




2 responses

6 07 2017

I pray that Trump can end the AFFH insanity by defenestrating HUD. Rayshawn and his ghetto BLM ilk are violent, murderous, female raping thugs, but they are also predatory homosexual rapists & sodomists. The number of new U.S. AIDS cases for AAAA’s (Affirmative Action African Americans) males is 1.5 times that of white males. That statistic is amazing considering AAAA males are considerably less numerically in the U.S. population than whitey. My guess is that Rayshawn raped the 12 year old girl was because he could not find a 6 or 7 year old boy to rape. And Niko Kollias (the ill-fated, tortured ESPN subject of your post “Football Cult”) was raped by his sadistic AAAA kidnappers. BTW, I’ve re-read that article numerous times and it still scares the hell out of me every time.

7 07 2017

if the 12 & 14 y/o ghurls is whitz, then no harm no foul as our dear good-boy Rayshawn was just practicing for future poundings of da’ white pussy provided by UMizzo athletic staff when he graduamatez & start his affletic scholarship at good ol’Mizzo. If the ghirlz was of sub-saharan african descent (even 1 droppa blood) then Rayshawn should be punished severely. These sub-saharan teens, while good boys doing gud in skool ‘n evrthang, do need to learn that they can only rape white girls & white boys

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