Brooklyn DA: Haitian Crack Addicts Make Brooklyn, NYC, USA Stronger

7 07 2017


WSJ about various urban and illegal alien-friendly prosecutors soft-soaping certain crimes so that the defendants don’t get on ICE’s radar:

One of [Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez] inspirations, he said, was a Brooklyn man arrested for being unescorted in an apartment building. At the precinct, police officers discovered the man had a small amount of crack cocaine. In court, the man, a green-card holder from Haiti, pleaded guilty to drug possession. When he tried to come home after visiting Haiti, border officials wouldn’t let him return.

One of the upshots otherwise is that Jeff Sessions is starting to grumble that treating immigrants, legal and illegal, better than citizens, ceteris paribus, for the expressed purpose of protecting them from deportation, amounts to an unconstitutional inequality.





One response

7 07 2017
Alex the Goon

If cities/counties/states refuse to prosecute immigrants for anything, we’ll have no choice but to bar all immigrants’ return travel, just in case they’re guilty. Better to keep a million innocents out, then to let one guilty immigrant in.
And how long until citizens (but still not-Americans) start buying fake green cards, as a Get Out of Jail Free card?

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