The Gospel According to Bean Pot

7 07 2017

City Hall


As aldermen consider sales tax increase for police, Krewson pushes crime prevention initiatives


During her campaign for mayor, Krewson said one of her first actions if elected would be to form a working group to combat violent crime. Among those in the group now include representatives from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Gov. Eric Greitens’ administration and Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office.

The group also is consulting with Paul Evans, a former Boston police chief under whom Boston saw a dramatic drop in crime rates, and Joan Sweeney, an organizational psychologist.

Boston? A dramatic drop in crime rates?

What that means is that all we need to do is convince Harvard, MIT and all of Boston’s other noted tertiary educational institutions to move here. That way, a good chunk of the education-industrial complex money stream will flow through here instead of Boston, and it will be so expensive to live here that blacks will have no choice but to find somewhere else to live.  Maybe they’ll move to Boston.


The only photo provided in this article is of Mayor Krewson speaking at a ceremony observing the centennial of the more serious of the two race riots in East St. Louis in that year. Of course, that begs the question of when did she also run for a win mayor of ESL, but I’ll put that aside for a moment. The irony is that the white-led riots in ESL happened for the same reason why almost all pre-1963 American race riots both happened and were white-led, because white people got tired of black crime and TNB. The relative few that weren’t that way were white people trying to resist some form of state-sponsored forced integration that involved black people as the beneficiaries but not involving them as principal architects of the integrationist policies.




One response

10 07 2017

As we learned from Chicago and Rabbi Rahm, it isn’t crime if you don’t count it.

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