World’s Oldest Profession Meets World’s Youngest Excuse

7 07 2017


Ho’n in Carondelet alleys, because:

For Brown, the whole community must get involved to secure funding and resources at a state level to help the women and men off the streets and hooked on services that can potentially turn their lives around. She’s currently working with the health department to someday deploy social workers in the area to sign prostitutes up for Medicaid and pull them into rehab and counseling services.

What is meant here is that the correlation between using dope and prostitution is so strong that it’s almost universal, and of course, it is correlation with causation.  The do-gooder theory is that if you can get all the hoes on Medicaid and send them to rehabadabadoo for dope, then they’d get clean, wouldn’t want dope, and therefore, wouldn’t ho.

I’m going to concede the argument for the sake of discussion.

If hoes ho because no Medicaid, then where is that reasoning when it comes to johns?  Is it not possible that some medical or quasi-medical issue is the root cause of johns johnning?  Where’s the proposal to get them on Medicaid so that they’d go to their own form of rehabadabadoo and therefore not feel the urge to john?

It’s because, here in the era of gender equality, we presume that, when it comes to sex, only men really want it, all the time desire it, while women have to be reluctantly talked into it, because gender equality.  It’s as if they’re all oblivious to the fact that women have a sex drive; if they didn’t, we wouldn’t be here.  What would have ever been the point of the evolution of the onset of sexual reproduction as opposed to asexual?  Still, the feminist theory influences the construction of formal law and enforcement thereof, which is why we all turn our heads and look the other way when it comes to women, ceteris paribus to men.




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