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8 07 2017


When the Nutbar of Belleville went off back on June 14, we found out he was from Belleville not long before another Bellevillista, Bob Romanik, was due to start his show that day.  I made his show that day appointment listening, just to see if he had any special skinny.  Other than one of his callers and regular listeners being family friends with the nutbar’s family, there was nothing.

More than three weeks later, #AmazonWashingtonPostWholePaycheckAlexa has itself made the geographical association, and then proceeds to point and splutter. It’s so obvious what this is, a lame attempt at recent history revisionism.




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9 07 2017
David In TN

I go back a long way, and I’ve seen this before on a much larger scale.

A favorite trope of liberals after the JFK assassination was the nutbar (Oswald) was triggered by the “hate” he absorbed by living in Dallas circa 1963. Even when they admitted Oswald was a left-wing type (in fact an early version of the anti-American left) they insisted Oswald’s “diseased” mind was influenced to do what he did by the Dallas “radical right” culture.

Oswald had told a Marine buddy in the late 50’s President Eisenhower should be assassinated. He had handed out pro-Rosenberg leaflets as a teenager living in New York. By 1963, Oswald adopted Castro as his hero.

The conspiracy mongers and liberals in general have refused to look at Oswald seriously as his own man.

The Belleville nutbar is going down the memory hole. The MSM likely despised Scalise almost as much as Trump.

9 07 2017

The thought of the whitewashing of Oswald crossed my mind too.

As an aside, this BezosBlog feature was too long to blockquote, so I just linked to it, even though I didn’t really want to because it has the nutbar’s name.

9 07 2017

I’d like to think that I’m the reason that #AmazonWashingtonPostWholePaycheckAlexa even made the link between nutbar and Romanik, meaning that they read this medium.

9 07 2017

I agree with you. This story is too well done to be accidental. Bezos, for all of many issues, does keep some decent writers and a few researchers on his payroll.

10 07 2017

Count, you can bet on orchestrated intelligence gathering of the sort you suspect.

I wouldn’t overlook Peter Holley.

The chronologically earliest of whose “experience” listings is

City Reporter
The Capital Gazette
May 2005 – May 2006 (1 year 1 month)

Covered city hall and did enterprise reporting. A profile of a local sex worker was featured on the Dr. Phil show.

10 07 2017

BTW I made it my business to listen to Romanik today to hear what he had to say about the WaPo, and other than him saying that he had been contacted two weeks ago (he didn’t say by whom at the WaPo specifically) and asked questions and had one of their photogs come to town, he didn’t have any special insights.

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