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9 07 2017


Overnight, Tommy Sotomayor uploaded a bunch of news clips and court testimony footage and other things from the Christian-Newsom case, and did two (!) live shows about it during the night.  I’ve made a handy public YT playlist, because it is a pretty good reference library.




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10 07 2017
David In TN

Sorry I didn’t comment when this first appeared. I attended the last three (of seven) trials. The others I followed on live stream. I wrote about them for a Los Angeles-based trial blog. There were times I just couldn’t do it any more, specifically the third state trial.

The Knoxville press insisted the torture-murders were not racial. The official line was “there is no evidence the crime was racially motivated.”

The oddity was this was also peddled by Knox County law enforcement. The local DA, police chief, and sheriff went out of their way to say “race wasn’t a factor.”

The Knox County District Attorney General and his chief spokesman even called a press conference to declare “the suspects weren’t motivated by race.” They sounded like defense attorneys for the accused. I am not exaggerating.

This actually backfired during the trial of Davidson, the “alleged” ringleader. The defense claimed the victims had come to Davidson’s house voluntarily and Channon Christian had “consensual sex” with him.

Why not? Knox County DAG Randy Nichols had practically outlined this defense for Davidson.

10 07 2017

Motivated by race or not. See also: How many angels can fit on the head of a pin? I happen to think that it’s more likely that it wasn’t than was, but again, mox nix.

10 07 2017

Thanks, Count.

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