Sunday Wrap-Up

9 07 2017


* Those were fireworks alright, just not those kind.  As an aside, I’ve always thought that Dindus would be clever to use the fireworks shows on July 4 as an opportunity to take care of some backlogged hot lead business, because everyone would presume that the gunshots are just fireworks going off.  Priceless diversion opportunity.

* Carondelet ain’t what it used to be, though they won’t tell you why.  That you’re reading this here, on my blog, should indicate what the problem really is.  This tells you about taverns that have seen sharp declines in patronage and business, when the corner of Virginia and Bates is very close to where some dindus tried to rob a tavern several years ago, and in the process, they murdered at least one and I think two people that were in the tavern.

* Why would being in an otherwise safe area make this kind of thing any less likely?  Remember, while the zip code is relatively safe, on the eastern periphery are a lot of two and four family flats and older apartment buildings, which means dindus.

* Sex discrimination in Bell Curve City — They all stole, and stole quite a bit numerous times.  But the man wasn’t allowed to go on vacation?

* Going through all that just to bust into a Dollar General.

* The min-wage tug-o-war between Jefferson City and St. Louis City Hall has made national news.  While there isn’t really anything to say about this particular news, it does give me the opportunity to link back to my unique theory about the real purpose of the higher urban minimum wage political fad, and it has nothing to do with economic magnanimity.

* And what the hell is going on in Springfield?  It hardly has any Dindus to speak of, yet the scant few they have, have been causing some major league hurt in the last several years.


* When #Resistance is only resisting for show.

In related news…#Resistance is also #TwoFacedHypocrisy.


* Density Divide mashed up with cognitive stratification.

* Who has been saying this?  Who’s your blogmeister?  Who’s your blogmeister?  (Okay, I don’t know if anyone will remember that old fad.)

* “Black” lives matter?  This one could make a perfect mate for Talcum X.  Though since it says “her partner,” one has to guess that she, like a lot of BLM activists, is homosexual, which means her better pairing would be with Miss Ebony herself, Rachel Dolezal.

Cycle through the photo gallery, and you’ll notice another very light skinned “black” activist, someone who goes by the name of Bryan X.


* Just so you know, the “black” in black cab drivers in this instance and context refers to the color of the cabs themselves, not the race of the drivers.  London’s officially licensed taxi service uses black-colored cars.

* Mohammed is the cause, but Hans gets the blame.

* Not.  Enough.  Damned.  Popcorn.  Ever.

* You’ve heard of welfare imams.  Now there are student loan jihadis.


* I can agree that Homelanders (Generation Z) will have some pleasantly surprising political sensibilities, but it’s not going to manifest in yay red team partisan histrionics.  In fact, the two are related:  That which is going to make white Zs so right wing will be the very reason why they won’t have any use for the Stupid Party.  One thing that this does do accurately is identify Zs as largely the children of Xers.  And I think that’s crucial because Boomers had a largely helicopter parent style when it came to their Millennial children, while Xes as parents tend to be stealth fighter parents raising Homelanders.

* In other Z news…

* Here’s why I think forgetfulness can be a good thing:

Because I’m cursed with a good memory.

You read that right.

Having a good memory can sometimes be a curse, because you tend to remember things which you really need to forget.  The two biggies are insignificant slights other people made against you, which causes you to grind, and the insignificant slights you made against others, which causes inordinate guilt.  Both things are the kinds of things most people would have forgotten about, and therefore not cared about, and certainly not anguished over or held grudges over.

* First-degree murder, galactic edition.

* If it is 100 billion, then the ratio of brown dwarfs to real stars is 1:1 in our galaxy.

* Along side of it was a carved stone in an ancient Amerindian language, and when the ancient carvings were translated into English, it stated that they can never seem to get the lumps out of them.




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9 07 2017
Alex the Goon

Sweden’s biggest music festival will be replaced next year by a women-only alternative after… well, you know – So the rapeugees have a year to figure out the genderbender scam. Hey Sweden, if you want your country back, you can take it.

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