Enough Rope, Enough Time

10 07 2017


Chippewa be like:  Look at four blocks north.  That could be us!

First off, they’re all being too melodramatic about Cherokee Street.  They’re acting like Cherokee has returned to its past glory, when I can tell you that it’s not even anywhere close to what it was thirty years ago, which was in turn a decline from its peak.  The only thing that can be said for it is that a combination of Mexicans and edgy white anarchist hipsters have created a situation where it’s a little better than the bombed out Beirut feel it had after the dindus ran everything of value out by the late 1990s.

But that’s not what interests me here.  What interests me is something written in passing that proves the axiom that if you give most people enough rope and enough time, they’ll hang themselves, because, well, because:

In years past, some St. Louis developers assumed that the only way to revitalize was to push out the current population.

Push out the current population?

Be careful there, P-D, you’re straying off res and getting too far away from the narrative.  It’s not “pushing out the current population” [of blacks — Ed.], it’s giving disadvantaged people housing mobility options based on the legacy of housing discrimination and segregation and because someone threw a brick through someone else’s window 85 years ago.  If you keep telling the truth like this, then people just might figure out that the domestic policy deep state is playing a game of hot potato with the black ghetto undertow.



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