Fighting Over a Bag of Money

10 07 2017

Las Vegas

I’ve thought almost since the moment the Floyd-Conor fight was announced that the whole thing is athletically irrelevant and apropos of nothing.  While we’re at it, we should arrange for a bout between a beetle and an avocado.

It’s just two guys fighting over possession of a bag of money.

It’s also why I’m not planting any racial pride flags on this farce.

Now we find out today why Floyd wanted to do this so badly.




3 responses

10 07 2017
Alex the Goon

This dipshit can’t become the next MC Hammer soon enough.
As for the “fight” – real boxers have never beaten him at boxing; so no MM Artist (in his weight class) is going to beat him at boxing. Can’t believe anyone would pay for this. The only way I’d watch it for free, is after finding out McGregor had whooped his ass.

13 07 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise. Nigga Rich Blackpower is broke as a joke. Looks like retirement lasted about as long as expected for da black afflete, huh? This clown made serious coin with the Pacman fight. Looks like the IRS didn’t get its cut huh? Leavenworth for this baloney boy if he don’t cough up the money.
He’s a pitter patter fighter like Sugar Ray Leonard was, but not quite as slick or tough. If he has the IRS showing him Twenty Years in Leavenworth, he must be hurrying to do something. I have a feeling this chump ain’t training enough for this. If he’s facing the IRS, he must be rushing to hit a deadline for the first time EVAH!
People aren’t giving Conor a chance, so this dope must be taking this lightly. If you want to knock a nigga out, the best way is an uppercut. These clowns have really thick skulls and their jawbones extrude in front of their face like an ape. That jaw can resist the side punch that White guys are vulnerable to, but that extruding jaw is like a bumper on a car. Get under it with an uppercut and you can pull their head all the way back and make them fall flat on their candy ass.

14 07 2017

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