Move to Defund Violent, Far-Left Antifa Terrorist Group May be Gaining Steam

10 07 2017


An Internet campaign is being organized to force Patreon to pull an antifa group from it’s list of approved organizations eligible to receive donations. The video above (seven minutes) explains the campaign and how to participate.

Patreon pulled approval for Wife with a Purpose, thus cutting off her income. I believe they did the same with the Daily Stormer and others on the right. Patreon is a garbage leftist outfit that is disgusting hypocritical. Really, our goal should be to destroy Patreon and replace it with a neutral or alt-right entity.

This page on Voat explains how to report the antifa to Patreon.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jul 10, 2017

Report It’s Going Down Here:
Google Forms

Excerpt from Fox News Insider

Antifa Website Calls for Violence Against Trump Supporters

A disturbing Antifa website is calling for physical violence against supporters of President Donald Trump and capitalists.

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2 responses

11 07 2017

Here’s my thinking. We essentially killed freedom of association and disassociation with the CRA of 1964. Thus any entity offering public service has to offer those services to all persons so long as neutral “terms of service” are adhered to. So for example “no shirt no shoes no service” is legal because it doesn’t pick out a class of citizens.

I cannot understand why the Justice Dept [sic] and Civil Rights dept (whatever it’s called) has not taken these companies up on their blatant violation of the civil rights of the citizens who are tossed off these services or otherwise discriminated against due to their opinions and in some cases creeds.

Even if such cases fail to win favorable verdicts for the govt, the sheer cost of such litigation would probably put a stop to this nonsense.

I mean, we have Christian bakers being fucked with cause they don’t want to bake a cake so how are these web organizations getting away with these clearly discriminatory acts?

11 07 2017
Alex the Goon

To paraphrase the Late Lawrence Auster: There is no such thing as a double standard; there is in fact only one standard: “Fuck you, whitey.”

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