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10 07 2017


Greitens is in town today for a newser about his and the state’s plan to intervene in St. Louis City’s Ferguson Effect-fueled violent crime wave.  A combination of the gossip I’m hearing and my intelligence/intuition/experience tell me that it’s mostly going to be deploying even more Bears to the city for relatively mundane duties to free up real SLPD cops to chase after violent dindus, (remember, the Bears are already patrolling city interstates for that purpose), and that Hawley’s office will intervene in certain prosecutions, (the real reason for that, you already know), and that Greitens is going to give Pence a call who will then lean on the OCGE to start in on using Federal resources as much as possible to haul as much garden variety street crime in the city into Federal jurisdiction as possible.




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10 07 2017

The creeping use of Federal resources on street crime, much like the dramaticly increased surveillance effort against domestic-based islamic radicals, has the effect of distracting those resources from anti-fraud efforts. As a practical measure, the Feds don’t have the manpower nor the inclination to do anything other than sweep away the low lying fruit handed to them by the locals.

Not a single appropriations Bill has reached the floor of either house, so it’s unclear what resources the Feds will have in the near term. Who would have thought turning on your local enforcement wings would have consequences?

10 07 2017

“Has the effect of distracting those resources from anti-fraud efforts.”

Which makes me wonder if certain people haven’t already figured this out.

10 07 2017

Pretty much as I figured. There were a few other things.

But still, taken as a whole package, it will only make a marginal difference.

10 07 2017

Min-wage protesters heckled the newser. They said that if wages were higher, crime would be lower. And, as you all know, I think they happen to be right, but just not in the way that everyone thinks.

10 07 2017

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