Shia’s In Trouble Deep

11 07 2017

Savannah, Georgia

Read all about it.

As far as punishment, well, maybe life should imitate art.

Though he’ll probably do the rehabadabadoo thing.

I should say he’s come a long way from hiding flags that /pol/ found anyway.




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12 07 2017

I think it was Sailer who said that Hollywood is one of the most tolerant industries when it comes to mental illness.

He was slipping before HWNDU, he should take his residual checks, retire, and go into some non profit tour with some former NFL stars who are not in prision. Just stay out of politics.

Or, if this is drug related, have a long, private, chat with another comic book action star who has a long history with drugs, and later made a comeback.

12 07 2017

New twist, breaking hot, dot dot dot.

What happened to “he will not divide us,” Shia?

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