Flag It

13 07 2017




4 responses

13 07 2017

I think it might be time to brainstorm for some parody, I could imagine these shorts lyrics “We’re antifa, we proud to be cannon fodder for the rich guys like George Soros who finance us and don’t give a *bleep* about us if we end killed or be in jail…”, I let the rest to your imagination.

14 07 2017
Stan d Mute

15 07 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

When White people are gone, the hate will end. And so will the electricity these losers use to make this crap. They need to see their brown pets up close. Right into their belly close. Those fine young cannibals need more than their pity, they need their calories too.

18 07 2017
Joshua Sinistar (@Joshua06716)

Hillary hit the Wall, she never won it all. Bill had a fat girl then, and no one remembers when. Someone called Bush a fool, did you disagree? When you call Bush names, why do you look at me? You say Trump is Hitler and Putin is Hitler too. How many Hitlers are there, and which Hitler do you see killing you? Why do people pray? Does God care anyway? If he did, it wouldn’t be PTL or Eat, Love Pray. Some old fart at the Church, says Algore is his guy. Jesus took his wheel, he’s not your Uber guy. Who can pay our debts? Who can tell us why? How did we owe this cash? Is there some reason why? We were promised flying cars, and hoverboards and power laced shoes. When you get us that, maybe we’ll care too. They say you want the Moon. You better take it back. We don’t want those rocks. We don’t want to bomb Iraq. We want naked girls. With big honking naked boobs. Riding Dinosaurs, with our power laced shoes. We don’t care what you want. We heard this song before. MLK had a dream. He beat up White wimmen whores. We don’t want your dream. We want our country back. If you want our guns. You better have some to shoot back. We don’t like your tone, or your old women scold. We like our women young, and not looking like used up whores. if you want to talk. Give us our country back. If you want to fight, don’t expect to make it back. Tell Bono we don’t care. Santa don’t go down there. He’s too White for that. Tell your UN to pack. We don’t want no fair. We no longer care. We have interests too. And they do not include YOU…

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