He Can’t Find Work

16 07 2017

Nelson, New Zealand

You don’t say.

Though the face tat is only the half of it.  There’s still that armed robbery and dope dealing in his immediate past. Even if he didn’t have the face tat, the armed robbery and dope dealing would still cause him problems in that regard. Then again, the face tat on the one hand and the armed robbery/dope dealing on the other hand are related, because he got the former while he was in prison for the latter.

Also notice that his “family” is only “family” in the biological sense.  No rings, no marriage.  Just the fact that he knocked up some chick at 16.  Also notice the fact that he and his brother were cellmates during his prison bit.  Which means rotten apples and rotten trees.




One response

17 07 2017

Looking at mugshots one comes to the opinion that it should be legal to stop and frisk people with face/neck tattoos. Sorry, bad decision making whitey.

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