Jeff Jensen

16 07 2017

Clayton; Downtown

OCGE wants to give him a work transfer from Clayton to Downtown.

I don’t know that much about him, even though his name has come up from time to time in the gossip and networking circles I run in.

Just between you, me and the gatepost, I tried to use my admittedly tenuous connections to the OCGE to suggest someone for St. Louis’s U.S. Attorney — A certain IP laywer whom I will not name here, but is very well respected among our town’s legal set, and he actually had a pretty good media career around here on and off in the last quarter century.  Turns out my advice either got lost in the mail or was ignored.

As for Jeff Jensen, notice he is an accountant by trade, and that he was once with the FBI.  A majority percentage of the FBI’s work involves forensic accounting.




One response

16 07 2017

I don’t know his politics per se, but I got to know him a bit years ago when he was still AUSA and found him to be a very solid guy and very friendly. My impression was he’s a good guy and I think a straight shooter.

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