Sunday Wrap-Up

16 07 2017


* Yep, that’s the problem with the Fergaza Strip, bad lane markings.

* Want to be a cop in Ferguson?  This algorithm will plonk you if you dare have the mentality that you should defend yourself to save your life against a charging oncoming gentle giant.

* Not surprised, especially after what happened very close to there in December.  Not long ago, we found out that they bought in Innsbrook, and now we know why — That, instead of the CWE, is going to be their second home, while their prime residence is in Creve Coeur.

* The next half-cent sales tax will be on the city ballot in November.  Though since this is an off year, it might be the only reason there is a November ballot.  Also notice that, once again, we have another open admission that the half-cent sales tax that city voters approved in April, which was sold as cops cops cops, is going to be used mostly for the MissingLink.

* Armageddon was Tuesday.  Yet, we’re still here.

* SCOMO turns back Ledale Nathan’s Miller v Alabama challenge to his full life bid.  The majority opinion is correct in that Miller does not absolutely prohibit life sentences for juveniles, what it does is prohibit the blanket absolute imposition of them.

* As we grow closer and closer to the end of agriculture in the Chesterfield Valley.

* Note how he defines “young.”

* Doing 28 in an 8.  It got him a fine that is roughly $1,350 today.


* Second from the left.  Taylor Blevins.

I’d smash.


* Betsy DeVos is very questionable on K-12, but on tertiary, she’s been pretty good.


* You’re not going to believe this.  Except if you happen to remember that more than ten years ago, important people in this same city declared the concept of planning ahead to be racist. That said, that’s so racist, or raven, or something like that.

* Okay, now they’re deliberately hunting for reasons to be offended.  If it was December or May, I’d be thinking they were fishing for an excuse to get out of having to take finals.

* Offensive, that is, to the children of billionaires.

* Trying to figure out the team’s interest in this.

* Hastings.  Buh-bye.

* We call it “purity spiral.”

* The wages of egalitarianism.

* It’s tempting to think that the discipline of geography is inherently convergence-resistant, but not so.  Remember, a few months ago, we go the story that the Mercator projection is social injustice-y.

* More virtue signaling, more purity spiral, more social justice jihadism.

The irony is that the people she’s complaining about are also SJWs, which means, to compete with each other and to rise above the ever louder SJW noise floor, one who truly wants to stand out has to say and write ever more wacky things by the year.

* Even more purity spiral.


* BLM, Part I.

* BLM, Part II.

* And I just happened to be in that state this week, where this was news.  I think the reason for this sudden de-registration has to do with an educated guess of a statistic I heard quite some time ago, and it’s probably worse now, that there were estimated to be some 10,000 people registered to vote in both California and Colorado, meaning well off west coasters with either ski resorts or people pretending to be cattle ranchers on a few front range acres on the weekends were registered in both states.

* Why wouldn’t these two things go together?  You already know my theory that higher urban minimum wages have as their real purpose to push blacks out of cities, and we already know that “housing justice” means the same thing.

* Turns out they weren’t able to deliver For H->ER.

* Judge is perplexed, but I’m not.

* The provisions, I don’t have a problem with, though there is a second side to this door.  What I do have a problem with is peddling this notion that they’re in prison for trivial offenses.  The reality is that, ceteris paribus, it’s even harder to send a woman to prison than a man, and even when they are actually so sentenced, again, ceteris paribus, they get shorter bits.  If the woman has children or is about to, the scales are weighted in her favor even more.  Therefore, I infer that any expectant woman who is in prison must have done something really serious.

Because diversity.

* There was your problem — You hired this thing to take care of you.

* The picture will surprise you, unless it won’t.  It also says he already passed a background check before he was hired.  Of course, the thing about background checks is that they’re only useful if the person already has a documented official paper trail pointing to a previous conviction.  Everyone has a clean background check when they commit their first official felony.

* They try to play this off as a baseless social media rumor.  That might be so, but remember that Memphis is town where baseless social media rumors are taken seriously.

* Bride and groom look a lot alike.  I hope they got a DNA test to ensure that they’re not closely related before they were given a marriage license.  You already know my theory about that.

* “Hip-hop is ultimately a voice for the unheard and marginalized.”  That’s right, because, before rap was invented, black people were invisible, nobody ever took up their cares or concerns.

* Criticize if you must, but what is the better credible real world option?

* As I am painfully aware, the current year is the fortieth anniversary of anything that happened in 1977.  Including, a few days ago, the Great New York Blackout.

At the time, the mentality is that this was the final nail in the city’s coffin.  So much so that, as this mentions, Billy Joel had what turned out to be a greatly unprophetic song in the year of my birth.  Meanwhile, someone who in that time was running in the opposite direction?  He placed bets on Manhattan.  You know him today as a multi-billionaire and President of the United States.

Sometimes there’s a lot of money to be made in running against the head winds of conventional wisdom, which is one of the purposes of that which I started up eleven days ago.


* Don’t feel too bad.  He bamboozled enough of us, too.

Though anyone with a brain and a broadband connection could have figured all this was going to happen.


* After all, I might have written here once or twice or a few times in the past that women have a really easy time hating other women.

* Flip the script and note the racial dog whistle.  If Republican men in the northeast are the best tippers, and Democrat women in the south are the worst tippers, then this means that George Will tips well while L’Booshondria doesn’t.

* The more things change:  He wanted more beer and more time off.

* As we get ever closer to this element of science fiction becoming fully realized.




3 responses

16 07 2017
16 07 2017
John Vawter

Re: tipping. Last year my online grocery delivery service Instacart changed their payment scheme, instituting a default 10% service fee. Instacart is a libtard company serving mostly libtard urban centers. This explanation on their blog was interesting: “We noticed that about 20% of the customers did not tip at all…around 40% of the customers tipping provided very small tips (~$2).” (Minimum orders are $35.) I always tip 20%, so I found this a bit shocking.

16 07 2017
Alex the Goon

$1350 fine – Try $3000 (2.5 oz of gold)
Autoautonomy – We’ll know Skynet has achieved self-realization, when cars start flipping off other cars, or cutting off the cars that cut them off first. No idea if cars will be allowed to txt+drive.

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